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Somatic Couples Therapy

We are relational beings. From conception our nervous systems learn how to function by being in relationship with one another, body to body. Unfortunately, for many of us those early relationships were strained, and created for protective patterns that challenge our ability to feel loved and secure in relationship as adults. 


Couples therapy can open up massive opportunities for individual growth! It can be terribly uncomfortable when the worst of ourselves shows up in our relationship, but the good news is that these happenings can hold the key to unlocking that which blocks us from loving and living more freely. Through our partners and their experiences of us we often get to see parts of ourselves that need nurturing, a process that can be most enriching yet also very hard to understand and integrate without help.  

My approach is rooted in interpersonal neurobiology. Together we'll look at where we are connecting, where we're being missed, and how we can best support one another to achieve and maintain healthful functioning. Somatic couples therapy is about understanding each partner's needs to achieve a better system of relating to our wants and desires. 

I work with couples and relationships of all configurations. Couples therapy can happen one on one or, as available, in tailored groups with other couples. My space is poly-versed, kink aware, and LGBTQIAA+ affirming. High conflict couples are welcome. 

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