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Somatic Centered Psychotherapy

"Although the idea of who we are is limited, our core essence is limitless."

-Dr. Shefali Tsabary

What is somatic psychotherapy?

Soma, of Greek origin, means body. Of Vedic tradition, soma means to extract. In western society, we are conditioned to either disallow sensation or surrender to it, neither of which supports enrichment. Somatic psychotherapy is about coming to an improved understanding of our bodies and ourselves in relationship to the body, the mind, our environment and our being. By recognizing patterned behaviours, gestures, breath, and posturing we can access better choice in forming our experiences, both of the past and the present, and begin to individuate from embodied belief systems that do not support personal growth. 

Therapy with me is about renegotiating what we think ourselves to be so we might safely open to new possibilities. With permission, we will explore imposed limitations and their resulting old ideas. We will explore embodied blocks and create synaptic shifts in to naturally re-pattern the brain to dismiss the thoughts that aren't serving us today. In resourcing the nervous system, capacity increases and greater resiliency can be realized. Your story will be acknowledged and the history that is unique to you given space, as we find the alignments, actions, and practices necessary for your healing and growth. 

"It's hard to experience desire when you're weighted down by concern.”

-Esther Perel, relationship philosopher,

psychotherapist, and author

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Somatic Couples Therapy

We are relational beings. From conception our nervous systems learn how to function by being in relationship with one another, body to body. Unfortunately, for many of us those early relationships were strained, and created for protective patterns that challenge our ability to feel loved and secure in relationship as adults. 


Couples therapy provides an opportunity for radical personal growth! While it can be terribly uncomfortable when the worst of us shows up in our relationship, the good news is that these happenings can hold the key to unlocking that which blocks us from loving and living more freely. Through our partners, and their experiences of us, we get to see parts of ourselves that need nurturing. This discovery can be most enriching, yet also very hard to understand and integrate without professional help.


My approach is rooted in interpersonal neurobiology. Together we'll look at where you are connecting, where each of you are feeling being missed, and how you and your partner(s) can best support one another to achieve and maintain healthful functioning. Somatic couples therapy is about understanding each partner's needs, wants, and desires in order to achieve a better system of relating and supporting one another. 

I work with couples and relationships of all configurations. Couples therapy can happen one on one or, as available, in tailored groups with other couples. My space is poly-versed, kink aware, and LGBTQIAA+ affirming. High conflict couples are welcome. 


"Trauma is not what happened, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathic witness."

-Peter Levine, founder of Somatic Experiencing

About me

Hi, I'm Kimberly. 


I believe we are capable of immeasurable change when provided the right support. My journey to becoming a clinician began with my own existential search for meaning and healthfulness amidst a high-pressure career in entertainment and experiential marketing. The arts, athletics, social rebellion, chronic illness, spiritual quest and Somatic Experiencing are all integral to my story.

Through my own seeking, I came to understand that the deepest healing happens through safe, interpersonal connection. I took to somatic scholarship as a means of guiding others towards radical self-discovery and to affect change in my community. Helping people come into greater knowingness of themselves, so they might thrive amidst challenge, is my life’s work.


I provide therapeutic treatment for individuals, couples, and groups facing seeming impasses and resulting physical and emotional imbalances. I work with various struggles of mind, thought, behavior, and experiences of self and others. Specialized training in trauma release and processing allows be to help survivors uncover missed experiences and process traumatic happenings so that they might fully experience themselves again. In my work with couples I teach partners how to co-regulate and find ease and fulfillment in their relationships and improved resiliency in their lives.   


My approach to therapy is mindful and dialogic and my practice open, accepting, poly-versed, kink aware, and LGBTQIA+ affirming. In leading clients towards fulfilling their goals, I encourage exploration and draw upon traditional psychodynamic and eastern philosophies as well as contemporary treatment modalities such as: Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal Theory, Fusion Acupressure, Formative Psychology, Yoga Therapy, Hakomi, AEDP, EFT, Parts Work, and PACT.

If you feel I can help you, reach out to me. 

Kimberly Brandon

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist 

Registered Licensed Professional Counselor Associate 

AMFT122082 & APCC8703

Grateful Heart Holistic Therapy Center 

Supervised by Anna Howland LMFT99026

Flow House 

Supervised by Jori Adler 





individual sessions  $200

couples/group/family sessions $250

extended sessions determined upon request

90 minute sessions:

individuals $85 / couples $125


Call or text: 833-579-1719

*please be sure to leave a VM or SMS with your first name and a phone number or an email address where I can reach you*


"The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely."

-Carl Jung, founder of Analytic Psychology 

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